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In personal relationships the Taurus Dragon is usually highly affectionate, with responsive and adventurous emotions. They can be quite dreamy when it comes to romance and will utilize their colorful imaginations frequently to spice things up. These are attentive partners who are eager to please, and not particularly selfish. A Taurus Dragon is very sensual and thoughtful, and understands the importance of putting enough time and effort into a relationship.

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When they contemplate commitment these individuals will not be hasty, but they will be completely sure. As they are so reflective of their thought patterns, the Taurus Dragon can sometimes take too long making decisions. This is the only major weakness within these particular personalities, but it can hinder their progress in life occasionally. It is not that they are indecisive; it is just that they prefer to be certain and definite on things.

If, after thinking about something for a while, the Taurus Dragon is still not sure, they will probably dismiss the idea. This over-lengthy contemplation every now and then means that they may miss out on opportunities. The Contemplative Taurus Dragon Personality In Chinese Astrology, the Dragon is illustrated as charismatic with a touch of eccentricity and a wonderful imagination. Comments: Taurus Dragon Personality. Lexie What the heck? The one I met made passive aggressive remarks at my expense but was obviously attracted to me. He is my boss and I'm kind of tired of his mixed signals.

He smiles a lot around me and bites his lip when we talk, gave me his number and then completely ignored my texts and I think he blocked me, then I went off on him for his passive aggressive remarks- whatever.

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I don't like this sign and I'm so over it. Stacy Was in a relationship with a taurus dragon for 20 yrs. Yes they do send mixed and unreliable signals!! Dude would go out and buy me jewelry, other gifts, flowers, dinners, we had a great time at home With all kinds of various women. Some from work, some he met at the bar, some he met through friends and family.

They are very promiscuous and quite sneaky. Nuoran Just so right in every detail my boy friend is Taurus dragon born I am a scorpio snake we make an excellent team. Madi I'm a taurus dog in love with a taurus dragon. He is the best partner I've ever had. We occasionally both get stubborn and go quiet but we always come out of it go on our happy way again. It's like we have known each other for a lifetime.

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I didn't think having the same sign as a parter could work but it really does! Denise Taurus female Dragon.. Isaiah As a Taurus Dragon myself this is pretty on the money ,but I'm in love with a Gemini snake right now. She excites my sense of adventure and makes the relationship worth it despite our differences.

We do a lot of compromising. She has changed me despite what Zodiacs say about Taurus being unchangeable. Love will always find away if both partners are willing. Sammy Sorry to disappoint, but I know one at the moment who is trying to break up my marriage. Very imaginative, to the point of lying about other people namely, me , and manipulative!? The only reason she does anything for someone else is so she can get something out of them.

A pattern I've noticed in her time and again. The girl - even though she's 53 - acts like a child. Just awful! Every time she comes near me she hurts me, and causes an argument between me and my husband. She says awful things to me out of others' earshot so when I get upset when they come back I look like an idiot.. She's done worse stuff too, but I'm tired and need to go to sleep. What an awful excuse for a human being. I don't many people, but I hate her!!

Carol Sammy I know what you mean, a taurus dragon tried to scam me out of my parents estate she is not related to them at all , very manipulative but pretends to be a friend, she doesn't know I'm on to her, and yes I have an attorney who had advised me.

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Very treacherous human being Andres I actually have a Taurus parent who is great at making up stores of lies. He doesnt do it on purpose he just doesnt even consider what hes doing when hes doing it. He is suspicious and not credible. He just makes everyone feel like shit. Brandon I understand your frustration but, being salty because you didn't do enough research or because the person you dealt with was a typical sales person doesn't illustrate anything other than one "Taurus Dragon" doing "their job.

Junon Great! Granitedragon I am a Bull-Dragon and all of it. Most who have known or ever met me say I've lived the life of 20 men. Traveled the world 9 times over, and the luck and great experiences I've had are not found by many. My question: Where does a gypsy soul like mine find love? That is the only thing I've yet to conquer. I've loved many but never had it returned.

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What could I possibly be doing wrong? Bulldraggirl Since this post is probably 2 years old, I hope you've found what you were looking for because you weren't doing anything wrong, just have to be patient since we are special and natural. Tragon Here i am. Kimberlee What sign would best suit me? I'll be fifty four and there is so much more! Scott The most compatible sings for Taurus Dragon combination are Virgo and Capricorn. My wife is Virgo so we have a very smooth relationship.

Chinese astrology is based on the teachings of Taoism and dates back to about the 4th century BC. Chinese Horoscope today. Chinese Horoscope today If you are interested in astrology and the horoscope in the first place, you should take a look at the Chinese horoscope from time to time. It is based on the principles of the Taoist teachings and is divided into different schools. Taoism itself is a philosophical-religious teaching dating from the 4th century BC.

It is considered one of the most important schools of thought among the Chinese schools of philosophy alongside Confucianism.

The most important teachings from these teachings can be found in the so-called Tao-te king, which means freely translated book of the Tao and his power. Chinese astrology, like Western astrology, is based on the so-called microcosmic macrocosmic teaching.

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However, in contrast to astrology, which we are familiar with, there is a very big difference. In the Chinese horoscope, for example the daily Chinese horoscope or rather Chinese Horoscope today, the basis for the calculation is the lunar calendar. Also, the prognosis, as one plays it from the western horoscopes a substantial role, comes here rather a small meaning.

Rather, the Chinese horoscope, which is available here free of charge, expresses a certain philosophy of life. This free horoscope is also based on twelve signs of the zodiac, which differ fundamentally from the star signs known to us.

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In the Chinese horoscope one finds rather rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. These signs of the zodiac in this horoscope stand for one year, one month and one of the twelve double hours of the day. They are also called earthly branches because according to the theses of the Chinese horoscope they have an effect on earthly events.