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Once you know your Sun Number, look it up below to read your predictions for the month ahead. It brings an increase in responsibility and workload. You receive recognition for your efforts and abilities, and probably a financial increase as well. Perhaps even more important is the role friends and family play during this period. Loyalty and a willingness to sacrifice time and energy to your loved ones are needed.

You, in turn, receive comfort and satisfaction from their obvious love for you. It is a time of love, warmth, and a strengthening of the bonds that form the foundation of your life. It is also a good time to start domestic projects, such as minor remodeling and home repair. If you are not married and are not involved in a relationship, you may meet someone who catches your interest this month. In this case, the relationship will develop slowly but should endure. Your focus should be on being dependable and active.

February 13 Zodiac Sign

There is no room for procrastination. You are more inwardly focused now -- self-reflection and contemplation bring spiritual clarity and growth. At the same time, your career improves and you manage to impress important people. Doors that have been closed now open and offer access to opportunities. Financially, this month may also show some progress, but the emphasis is more on opportunities and your ability to take advantage of them.

But warnings should be heeded in two areas this month: Your dynamism and excitement may cause you to be somewhat insensitive at times. Also, you would rather plan and discuss future endeavors than put forth the effort required to take full advantage of current opportunities. Caution and discipline are your keywords to make this month a success. If you are married or otherwise committed, you may feel a little distant from your partner this month. This is temporary and does not require any special attention. If you are single, romance is not a high priority.

Minor health problems that have not been treated may come to the foreground -- this is a good month to apply discipline to your eating habits and to step-up your exercise regimen. This month may bring upheaval in family affairs or with friends. The 8 carries a powerful balancing energy, and much of that will be directed to your close relationships.

The truth will come out and you will have the opportunity to heal relationships that have been damaged by misconceptions. Real relationships will become stronger, but superficial ones will break down.

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Rewards and recognition in your career should also come to you this month. Romance is also strongly represented now. You may meet an attractive person, but the challenge here is to approach the situation with sensitivity and awareness. If you come on strong, you will blow the opportunity. Focus on sensitivity and avoid the temptation to be rude at all costs.

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It brings a number of changes, most of them occurring inside of you. You awaken to new feelings about your job, your house and the people around you. It is a time to re-evaluate the choices and decisions you have made over the past several years. You now gain clarity and understand your motivations and needs better. You may move forward with some practical changes as a result of this, and even distance yourself from outdated habits or relationships. There may be some emotional turmoil connected to this, but the feeling of relief is more prominent.

This is a tricky time in all areas of relationships.

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Your irritation threshold is lower than usual. Irrational demands and a lack of patience from your side may bring on feelings of guilt, and you will probably find yourself apologizing more than once. You have strong idealistic, humanitarian, and spiritual feelings now, and may want to become more involved in some practical endeavors concerning one or more of these areas of life.

Love and Compatibility for February 13 Zodiac

However, you will probably postpone any active involvement for the time being, because you feel the time is not right. Most important this month is your enhanced clarity in all matters concerning your life and the direction it is taking. It is time to reassess your values and priorities -- the influence of this month will be felt for a long time to come.

The practical aspects of career, business, relationships, and romance are all on the back burner now, but the inner changes that take place represent a much larger step forward than you will probably realize at this time. Now things begin to speed up. Unlike last month, you now feel full of energy and enthusiasm. In fact, you're impatient to start new projects, and must guard against impulsive decisions. Your career and financial affairs are the areas of your life that require the most attention.

There are great opportunities as well as potential dangers. This is the year marked by opposites: times when everything seems to go your way, and other times when it seems the rug has been pulled out from under you. February gives the first indication of what this year will bring but, more importantly, it challenges you to put your best foot forward, to show what you are made of.

February may begin with a challenge. You may have to confront one of your biggest fears, but that is likely followed by an opportunity to put that fear to rest once and for all. With you there is never a dull moment as you are all about fun, fun, fun. As your unique approach to life and your, well more than a little wild way of doing things has a great potential to make you a fortune, but also hit a wall of criticism, but you should not let that change your path, ever.

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Your goal in life should be to stay who you are and work on expressing yourself. Surrounding yourself with the right people, who allow you to be yourself, who actually encourage your wild side is the right path that will lead you to sure success in life.

Secret Of Number 13#Birth Date 13 In Hindi#Numerology Reading in hindi

Think before you act is another saying you should take to heart. So slow down your pace a bit and learn to enjoy the luxury of thought before action. You have a bit of a flair for the dramatics, and love being in centre of attention, which is not a bad thing in a way as you are at your best when performing to an audience. And as much as you love to take your own life and make it a fun topic to discuss, you also keep certain parts of your life private, making it very appealing in a way as you give it a bit of a mysterious factor.

With years as you find your inner security you do tend to become a bit more aggressive and focused when you set out to pursue your goals. As much as you have great many friends, you do tend to keep yourself at kind of decent distance. You do not like to let people in allowing yourself to fall in love fully for the right reasons, so you keep falling in and out of love. You love your freedom too, so that might be another one of the reasons why you have a hard time keeping a relationship.

But everyone falls into a relationship at one time, so once you do let the person in and open up, your kinda go by finders keepers. And the person you are most likely to pair yourself for long term relationship is absolutely quite like you, a bit of a dramatic person who loves and values their freedom, but also have a taste for fun. Yoga or different meditation techniques are an absolute must for you, so find your way to centre yourself and tune the dramatics down on a minimum level, as with your fast pace you can get yourself in all kinds of trouble, down to physical injuries.

Maintain a steady and healthy diet, remember food is not for exaggerating with stuffing self full, it is a necessity that keeps your body nourished and well balanced.