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But I like him as he is. His girth matches his mirth.

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And at 86, he is full of Parsi masti and dum. But he's not a Prophet of Doom. He's forecast some wonderfully accurate successes for Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar when they were down and out. And the political fortunes of world leaders, the destinies of nations. When I got to know Bejan, he used to write a hugely popular daily astrology column for the newspaper where I was a rookie sub-editor.

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He used to give us one week's forecasts at a time. I lost them all once. Afraid of also losing my job, I fearfully began writing the daily forecasts myself under the great Bejan Daruwalla's name. It's easy to do -- most people are emotionally bankrupt, they want to read only good predictions. But I got caught.

My editor was furious. Not with me. But with Bejan. He called and fired him. Told him that one of his "boys" was writing the astrology column and nobody could tell the difference! Modi's best year will be In , Bejan predicted a landslide victory for Modi in the Lok Sabha elections. We have been friends since then. I see him once or twice a year. He travels the world, but like a homing pigeon always finds his way back to Mumbai.

I took him out to dinner when he visited Mumbai for the launch of his book of forecasts. Dinner was at Trattoria, hangout of Mumbai's foodies, expats, young blood and all kinds of party animals. A stream of strangers queued up to meet Bejan. Seeking his autograph, a selfie and some a free consultation.

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Bejan revelled in the attention. Current planetary movement says that Pakistan has entered into the worst negative cycle from October and this negative cycle will remain for the next five years. Few years back, I had already made the predictions that Pakistan would divide into three different countries and that period is not very far from now.

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  4. There will be instability in politics and whoever will try to rule over Pakistan will face major challenges and they may have to sacrifice their life, this too applies to current ruler, Pervez Musharraf. Pakistan is planning the elections in early which I do not see has any meaning for whoever will come in power will not be able to rule Pakistan for a long period of time. There will be terrorist problems and in five years time, Pakistan will be in the grip of terrorists who will control the whole country.

    I have made several predictions in the past on geopolitical situations as well as for the known personalities but after Iraq, Pakistan is the country that is almost going to go into civil war and eventually the country will divide into separate parts. I do not know how much more time Pervez Musharraf will rule Pakistan but one thing is for sure, not many more months are pending. Previously, I predicted a short patch of good relations between India and Pakistan and prosperity for Pakistan from to but that period has already ended in the middle of Now unfortunately the destiny of Pakistan will pull the country into darkness.

    Economically and socially the country will have a major setback in the next two years.

    The stock market and local currency will lose drastic value against the major currencies of the world. I never write something in hate or love, but I write of what I see.


    I do not recommend investors to put money in Pakistan as local authority will fail in each and every corner to protect the civil life and public interest. Also, the government will fail to do enough in the war against terrorists. Both nations have much bigger challenges to overcome. Adapting a scientific outlook and in the process ignoring pseudo science like astrology is one of them. Most of the time such astrological initiatives and news coverage of the same is marketing strategy by the organizers to bring interest into the public.

    Everybody knows the result between India Pakistan match, so to create some drama for marketing the astrologer says Pak will win he cup!! Services of same astrologer can also be utilised for other pending problems viz. So whatever results of the matches and tournaments earlier were due to the stars in favorable or unfavorable positions! So no reasons to blame any individual player or team performance? PAK top 3 batsman needs to play 15 overs.

    Rather than win or loss I am more interested in a close contest, India Pakistan matches of late have been one sided.

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    I don't hear this astrologer before Why not we believe this astrologers and not play at all and celebrate for the team they say they are going to win. No need for these astrological predictions, my intuition says Pakistan is taking home the World Cup. All selection committee members will be replaced by astrologers and they will name 11 people irrespective of whether they play cricket or not and who has favorable stars during tournament period especially on day of final.

    No need for hardwork, practice or technique. But sadly, there are lof of people who still believe in this. False hopes. I don't believe in astrology, I believe in practicality No stars, no astrologer can make anyone lose or win, instead it's the skil and hard work The two best teams will fight it out in the stadium, astrology will have nothing to do with it.

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    Go Team Pakistan, work hard and make your day and don't listen to these astrologists.. Well where do I begin? I think I should switch to Superman Comic instead of news worthy of world affair. Alas we are drifting towards the depths illogical debates and now news that have become a feature of our daily life. Astrology, however labeled as scientific, is actually superstition.

    India or Pakistan or someone else will win based on talent, skill, team efforts and a bit of luck. Nothing else. Everyone is hoping for India Pakistan final. Whoever wins, the game wins. If Astrologer has known everything then why not they buy any Lottery ticket or put any number on Jackpot game and become Billioniors?? Pakistan can pull off upset at both ends What a bogus astro? The 10th house signifies one's career, social status , authority , work etc. People with beneficial effects in the 10th house are sure tostamp their authority and command. It is the 12th house that signifies loss , attrition , unnecessary spending etc while the 11th house signifies profit, gain etc.

    You will not be speared. How dare you even predict against India.

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