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For example, there may be a Jupiter trine Neptune at the same time and that helps lift stock prices up.

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MagiOracle includes an Aspectarian Generator that lets you look for any major planetary alignment and creates a file listing the peak day of all such alignments. When trading stocks and commodities, it is essential to know all the major support and resistance levels. The basic version of MagiOracle 7. You could be off a dozen or more handles points.

MagiOracle actually lets you set the trendline to the exact high or low of a day and is accurate to two decimal places. Yes, because program traders have custom software that use the same numbers MagiOracle produces and they use these numbers to key off of for their program trading. You want to know what the program traders are doing.

You can see that the lower trendline turned out to create the strongest support level of the bear market because that is where the DJIA finally held support in October and November of That trendline was drawn from the lows made in October of and December of , all the way up through November of It is an year trendline and forms a perfect parallel channel with the two highs as shown.

The next chart will show you why it is very helpful for you to know the exact value of this year trendline. The red line is the year trendline we discussed in the last chart. For three months, the US stock market crashed points almost straight down until it hit that trendline and finally found strong support. All other stock charting software programs can only approximate the value of such long trendlines.

But MagiOracle is accurate to two decimal places. The reason this is very important is that program traders have custom made programs that also produce the exact same support levels as MagiOracle we admit they did this before we did. When you know the precise levels MagiOracle provides, you can detect what the program traders are trying to do, and know when the bulls or bears have won the battle, at least temporarily. This knowledge has allowed us to trade in the same direction as the successful program traders do, which definitely helped us make money.

This way, you know what the precise value of a crucial trendline is for each day. If you watch real time streaming quotes of the stock market when the market is very close to a precise crucial support level like the ones displayed in the above grid, you would be amazed at how much it helps you to detect which way the market will ultimately go. There is no shortage of stock charting software programs that can draw Fibonacci retracements and extensions. This is an optional upgrade and costs extra. For one thing, it is the only program you can buy that gives you the ability to draw Fibonacci retracement levels, with precision, over a long period of time.

As is the case with calculating trendlines, MagiOracle gives you the ability to Magnify and Extend so that you can draw precise Fibonacci retracements and extensions over very long periods of time. The But there is a support level that is even more powerful and accurate. It is the Magi Fibonacci retracement level of The Magi Society believes that the reason the classic Fibonacci ratio of If we are correct, it means that most of the time, the The stock market crash of is one of those instances where the Planetary Ratio worked better than the classic Fibonacci ratio.

The index did not break Magi Astrology Really Works! If you are interested in more information about MagiOracle, its upgrades and how to buy it please click here and send us an email.

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MagiOracle 7. Our second generation of software is MagiSoft and it is still the best astrological software program in the world. He is exclusively associated with Cyberastro since He is the astrologer among the entire team who specializes on the most popular Life Prediction reports and Future-O-Scope reports for our customers. Sorcer A perfect combination of superior public relations and technology, Mr.

Sorcer is a prominent astrologer, practicing his expertise in the field of Vedic astrology since the year With a remarkable intuitive power and understanding of human nature, Mr. Sorcer in his own words is born to be an astrologer.

He worked with an international media company for over a decade, but his quench to grow as an astrologer and to make the lives of people meaningful through proper guidance and prognosis, led him to take up Vedic astrology as a full time career. He obtained certification in Jyotish Kobid and is extensively involved in practice and research on Vedic astrology. He even masters other branches of Vedic Astrology like palmistry, graphology and numerology.

Sorcer is exclusively associated with Cyber Astro and providing Live and Schedule consultation to Cyber Astro members from years. He is specializes in almost all personalized reports and is known for precision and accuracy in his predictions. He founded Cyberastro Limited in with a vision that through internet it will be possible to provide healing services with the help of Vedic astrology, to every corner of the globe. In his own words, he discovered the power of internet in The same year he devoted 15 hours everyday to serious and professional study of Vedic astrology.

He is a graduate in electrical engineering and PG in Marketing Management. He had hold key positions in IT industry and then became an entrepreneur and started his own software development companies. He had always been ahead of his time and was developing cutting edge software in data base development and GIS services even as early as Today his vision has turned into a reality.

We have more than thousand members in countries around the world. To solve people's problems has become the sole purpose of his life. He believe that the right code of conduct with the right method at right time to perform a task always aid success whether in a career, business, marriage or personal life.

He is having of 10 years experience and exclusively associated with Cyber Astro to provide astrological guidance to its members through Live and schedule counselling session. Astrological remedies suggested by him benefited lots of people around the globe.

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Astrology and Financial Markets

Interested in Health Finance Profession Romance. Rahu Ketu Transit Report This transit will give significant impact on your career, finance, stability, relationship and professional aspects of your life. Personalised Yearly Predictions Will all your dreams come true in the year ?

Career Report What would bring for your professional life? Business Venture Forecast When should you start your business? Life Prediction Report What are the personal, professional and financial prospects that will stay balanced in your life? Health Astrology Prediction Are you having concerns related to your mental and physical well being? Similar effects could be observed with the benefic planetary aspects. Benefic Aspects and bullish trend: Certainly it supports the market upwards.

Also, it could become the highest level the market can approach to collapse suddenly after that date. Benefic Aspects and bearish trend: In strongly falling trend it can only elevate the deteriorating trend in a short relaxing stop station. When the falling trend explores most of its vigor and becomes as wounded beast, strong enough MPA of this kind will be capable to slap the bear and turns the tendency upward. These are among the general controversies of planetary aspects actions over the development trend of any financial activity.

No other way to guess what is going to happen after important MPA occurrence without sufficient studies to how it has affected this particular financial activity in the past. One should build up individual and personal understanding to enrich the stories about the aspects told by the astrological authorities called as financial astrology experts.

Financial astrology software should operate as flexible research instrument to help you in understanding the market. It cannot function as direct buy and sell instrument. Among the astrological signals which you will be looking for are these listed below.

Produces Rashifala or Moon transit results

Computers and sound financial astrology software can help you to gain, accumulate and test that old knowledge. All astrology research instruments presented here are based on empirical experiences. On top of what you should investigate are the following issues; 1 Global Mutual Planetary Aspects especially among particular planets 2 Timing the date when some major planets enter particular zodiacal signs 3 Electional Astrology hints for the exact time to initiate buy or sell action and to avoid ominous periods.

Despite the fact that every Mutual Planetary Aspect between two planets is a universal phenomenon, researches have shown that all major markets are connected and the domino effect hits them one after the other sooner or later. But, the same universal phenomenon is not necessarily affect all the markets in same manner and at the time. Heavy 0,,90,45 angels aspects between slow moving malefics i. Planets which often bring about Malefic events do not pass without serious slow down in the markets. Let us take random examples for illustration. David Williams quoted Louise McWhirter in her " McWhirter Theory of stock Market Forecasting " where she attributed primary trend of business volume and finance to the cycle of the North Node passage through out the twelve signs of the zodiac Williams, Financial Astrology, p57 and mentioned McWhriter's listing to some Mutual Aspects which tend to raise or depress business including Saturn malefic aspects to Uranus.

Statistical research has covered also Jupiter opposition with Saturn and Jupiter opposition with Uranus aspects, all confirmed ample coordination between them and the business cycle. Good Astrology Software is expected to support such kind of research with high flexibility. With few click, Astral Software finds any mutual planetary aspects during any defined period of time. As in the following example. The software searched for three mutual aspects 0, , 90 checked as below between Jupiter and Uranus for the period of 12 years starting from The results looks as in the table below Figure 1.